I can’t get no sleep

Ok, having took much notice of the amount of people who tell me they find it very hard to just ‘get a good night’s sleep’ I can appreciate why you are not operating on all cylinders!

Do you really know what a lack of sleep does with our body’s healing process and daily energy levels?

According to specialists, if it continues, is can affect our overall health.


If you have so much ‘self talk’ when lying there just trying to drift off, try this breathing exercise as it really does work;

Make you bedroom comfortable with low lighting and no noise/media/iphones etc

Clear you mind the best you can and repeat this exercise for 10 minutes

Inhale 7 breaths

don’t worry if this appears fast as it will slow down

Exhale 11 breaths

this is harder – but with practice it will really slow you down

If you aren’t more relaxed after repeating this, you are not doing it correctly.

It can be a very effective way to ‘take you down to the sleep state level’ so the more practice you do the better.

For those who really want to learn and can’t manage it, please contact me and we can practice together. I’ve been there myself and know how hard it is when you feel drained and can’t sleep – it’s an awful place to be.

If you can learn how to drift off with this exercise it will most definitely improve your day and well-being.

Let me know how you get on zzzzzzz.

Keep well & see you soon.

Angela X