Do you suffer from January blues?

Like many you may be happy to get this month over. Even so, there is no need to feel blue or a lack of energy and feel good factor.

Are you having enough Vitamin D?

This is such a vital vitamin for us to have in the darker, winter months so if you are lacking this, you will feel quite ‘off’.

Do you have enough Vitamin B or so you lack iron in your body?

These vitamins can also contribute to our daily energy levels and can be dangerous if the levels are too low in our bodies. Many clients come and see me when they feel lethargic, but after a visit to their GP and a blood test, they often return looking, and feeling, very different and healthy.

If you are feeling a bit lower than you usually do, don’t hesitate to see your GP and mention any symptoms you’ve been experiencing, as they are well aware of how the cold and dark winter months can affect many of us.

For further information on this read livestrong’s weblink as its extremely interesting;

Good exercise

This also plays a vital role in good mental health in the winter months. Even walking 30 minutes a day can help towards a more healthier and positive mindset.

For those who don’t like the gym or spend time in classes, many on line aerobic streams are available unless, like some people, you still enjoy good old fashioned home DVD’s.

Whatever your choice, any exercise can prevent those shorter day blues and help prepare you for that gorgeous spring wardrobe, which, after valentines, is just around corner…

Until next time.

Keep well & see you soon.

Angela X