Brian’s Story

(Face to face sessions)

Stress and anxiety…

Brian was a father of two children under the age of 10, and the main bread winner at home. However, he felt ‘washed out’ and unhappy in his current role at work, which was making him feel anxious and stressed on a daily basis. He didn’t like to show his feelings at home to his wife and children, so felt alone and trapped in his every day life.

Due to our assessment of his lifestyle and work, I identified that Brian loved his wife and children very much and felt a surge of guilt for feeling the way he did, which was negative for his overall well-being.

Brian would find it hard to express his feelings during our initial sessions, but I managed to explore that he really despised his job and the ‘people at the top’ who he felt had completely changed the culture of what used to be a great company. Due to the many changes that had been implemented by the new regime, Brian was expected to work longer hours for the same salary and also travel considerable distances. These aspects of the changes within his role were not mentioned during his most recent appraisal conducted by a new manager who had took over his department.