About Angela

Professional story …

I have been involved in coaching and mentoring on both a personal and business level for many years and have never lost the enthusiasm for sharing the joy and personal satisfaction of watching a client become who they wish to be, and get the best out of their life. To me, there is nothing more rewarding.

Over the years I have been involved in working with various Managers, Team Leaders, Financial Planners, Boards of Directors and HR functions for many International and UK companies, where I have enjoyed managing, counselling and coaching staff at all levels.

I have witnessed much success and also the embarrassment of staff being ‘marched off the premises’ due to not reaching their personal performance levels during their appraisals and staff facing redundancy, where I always believed that a high level of these situations could have been handled so very differently and with a much more positive outcome. I have been shocked at the sheer treatment of staff who, through their own lack of training or understanding from their immediate line manager, have received negative appraisals which to me, was extremely unfair.

As I wanted to make a difference, I agreed to become a shareholder and join the board of directors where I managed a successful financial services company, as unlike the companies I had worked for previously, I wished to implement a more healthier work environment, with good staff morale, which included a good work life balance and ongoing training for all members of staff and associates working with the firm. Here, I could put into place my business management style that I had formed over the years which, at the time, was an amazing experience.

In addition to managing my own wealth management company, I also became more involved with the community where I was asked to attend local college and training centres for university leavers, to help them to compile their CV’s, give employment guidance, interview skills and help equip them in all aspects for the world of employment. I was then invited to become part of the Adult Education Programme at the local college to provide my business coaching services and contracted at the local HM Prison where I worked with remand prisoners on how to change their lives for the better where I added to their rehabilitation group by offering key skills courses which were very successful for some of the ‘now ex-offenders’. This experience was a life changer for me too!

Due to my own personal development, in 2003, I decided to enhance my career from working as a Company Director/Office Manager within a successful financial services company, to become an accredited Personal Development and NLP Business Coach. I also studied cognitive behaviour and became an NLP Practitioner to compliment my overall offering which has proved to be very positive. I wanted not only to utilise the skillset, life and business experience that I had developed in the boardroom, but wanted to ‘give a little back’ and work within in a more ‘person centred well-being and development environment’ and not one that is judged purely by the measure of a person’s wealth.

I have also had the opportunity to coach some celebrities and sporting stars and have enjoyed attending many charitable and ‘red carpet’ high-profile events, that highlight the nervous anxiety that many people display when in groups or in public speaking positions. I also assist many self-employed VIP’s with their business openings who were initially ‘very nervous in public’ and dreaded the media and camera but are now full of confidence.

Now my client base has expanded, I find that having an office based in Chester City centre, enables me to offer those clients who live in the North West and Cheshire areas, the opportunity to visit and take advantage of some ‘face to face’ coaching in addition to the skype/Whattsapp video and audio communications, which has proved to be very successful.