A Happy 2020 to all my clients!

As some of you will know, I enjoyed a very merry Christmas with family & friends at home then spent New Year in the Swiss Alps, travelling by plane, coach and the famous Glacier Express which was an amazing experience.

Like me, I hope you all enjoyed spending quality time with loved ones over the season’s holidays making Christmas & the new 2020 decade special & one to remember.

Many of us spend time reflecting on our previous year which can, at times, be very debilitating if you didn’t manage to ‘find that ideal partner, find that new job, buy that new home’ or simply not be in better financial position after working so hard. This affects us all.

However, there are many people suffering from losing loved ones, and to me, remembering those who are no longer with us is especially difficult. I tend to remember the good times and edit what I wish to get through in my mind, which I find is particularly helpful in times of birthdays or anniversary dates. I know many of you have also adopted this attitude which has really helped with personal grief or when you feel highly emotional.

New Year Resolutions – good or bad?

I know millions of people make these and I’m happy to say I’m not one of them. You may feel that’s unusual for a coach, but I truly believe it’s just setting us up for a huge fall. Instead of torturing yourselves with new year resolutions, why not list what it is you need on a daily, weekly then monthly basis & work towards it. With focus & sheer determination you will then get you to where you need to be without making them…

Take care & see you soon.

Angela X